Text Box:  I assumed the office of the principal, Madhabdev College, on 05-10-2016. I solemnly promise to carry out my responsibility with best of my capacity keeping in view the dignity, reputation, honour of the institution. It is my privilege that I have been involved in crucial functions of the college that gave me experience, insight and vision to reorient the college towards the desired direction for fulfillment. Madhabdev College bears indelible marks of reputation for its achievements, in infrastructure, result, research activities, quality education, administrative discipline, social involvement and extension works. I acknowledge the sacrifice of its founder leaders, for its present status and what is required to translate the vision; we set into mission strong support of the college fraternity, the Governing body, the leading academia and the public/social leaders of the area. The students’ body, Alumni Association, the Parents Association is significant stake holders and pillars of the institution, whose genuine cooperation and support are essential in our forward march. I take the opportunity to appeal the conscious guardians and students to prefer Madhabdev College and realize their dream.