About Assamese

Department of Assamese was established in the year 1964. Sri Tarani Choudhri, Sri Biswa Baruah were the founder faculty members of the departmentSri Bhudhar Phukan and Sri Madhab Dutta join the department in later period.  Sri Madhab Dutta became the Vice-Principal of the College. Sri Biswa Baruah  became the Acting President of Asom Sahitya Sabha. The honours course in the department was started in the year 1968. The department produces distinguish alumni who have engaged in different sphere of life. Ms. Parinita Borah secured 1st Class 1st position in Major in Assamese in BA final examination 2013. The department organized an Annual memorial lecture in memory of noted Assamese poet and lyrist Dr. Lohindra Kr. Saikia. The students of the department publishes “The Pantha”  an annual Assamese magazine. The department has the credit of publishing 19 Hand written Magazines annually.    .


Eligibility for Admission : For Major course, minimum 45% in aggregate and 50% marks in MIL Assamese in HS Final Examination.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)


The PSOs of BA programme in Assamese is to make the students familiar with the following aspects of Assamese language and literature -

1.                  Cultural Studies

2.                  Anthropological Studies

3.                  History and Antiquarian Studies

4.                  Comparative Literature

5.                  Socio-Linguistic and social literature

6.                  Literature of different group’s viz. folk, ethnic and mod.

7.                  Performing Art

8.                  Translation

9.                  Mass Media and journalism

10.               Paleontology

11.               Art and Sculpture

12.               Judgment of Literature

13.               World literature and Trends

14.               Teaching Language and literature, art and culture

15.               Study of Ideology

16.              Study of Religion and Philosophy


Course Outcome (CO)

CORE 1 MIL – History of Assamese Literature and Cultural Study of Assam:

To know that history of Assam literature, its development and about cultural background of Assam.


CORE 2 MIL – Functional Assamese:

The paper has prepared to acquire a thorough knowledge of Assamese Language in use purpose in different domain.


CORE 3 MIL – pattern of Assamese Literature:

The paper has prepared to give an overall knowledge of poetry and prose literature from the period of Sankardeva to modern era.


Major 1. History of Assamese Literature:

This paper will help to know about the various period of Assamese literature. Therefore it will help the students to acquire a brief knowledge Assamese literature from begin to post period of Sankardeva.


Major 2. History of Assamese Literature:

This paper will help to know about the various period of Assamese literature. Therefore it will help the students to acquire a brief knowledge Assamese literature from Arunudoi to post war period.


Major 3. General introduction of linguistics:

This paper has prepared to give a general concept about language and linguistic.


Major 4. Study of Assamese poetry:

This paper has prepared to know about the trends, characteristics and influences of World poetry.

Major 5. Assamese prose literature:

This paper has prepared to know about the verities and the development of Assamese prose literature. Also characteristics and vocabularies has treated as a major phenomenon.


Major 6. Assamese script and Language of Assam:

This paper dealt with the language of Assam that used by different ethnic groups, its linguistic characteristics and its history and present form. This paper includes the palaeographic patterns of Assamese Scripts also.


Major 7. Literary theory and criticism:

This paper dealt with the literary theories and Eastern and western criticism.


Major 8. Assamese Drama:

The aim of the paper is to be acquainted with the origin and development of Assamese Drama and World dramatic movement.


Major 9. Study Culture:

This paper dealt with the cultural history of Assam with special reference to Indian Culture.


Major 10. Comparative Literature:

Present need and theories of comparative literature has highlighted in this paper.


Major 11. Different ways of the study of Language and Literature:

Mass media, electronic media, print media, news editing, script editing and practical approaches of advertisement are the basic theories of this paper.


Major 12. Indo-Aryan language and Development of Assamese Language:

From the beginning of the history of indo-Aryan Language, the Text of Sanskrit and Pali-Prakrit to Apavrangsha and the different ages of Assamese Language and its varities are dealt in this paper.


Major 13. Linguistic characteristics of Assamese Language:

Phonology, Morphology, Phonetics, Morphemics, Syntax and I C analysis has done in this paper.

Major 14. World Literature:


Different trends of world literature have to be studied in this paper.

Sri Jogen Saikia

Associate Professor

Dr. Gautam Kakaty

Associate Professor

Sri Jogen Tamuli

Associate Professor

Dr. Dipak Das

Associate Professor

Sri Naranath Morang

Assistant Professor